15791: Acronis Bootable Media Does Not Detect HDD, RAID or NIC

Contact Acronis Customer Central for a resolution

If the product does not detect the hard disks in Windows, please see Acronis Product Does Not Detect Hard Disks in Windows.


  1. You boot your machine from Acronis Bootable Media;
  2. Acronis Bootable Media does not detect the machine's hard disk, RAID or network interface (NIC).


The most likely reason is that the Acronis Bootable Media does not have drivers for the respective hardware, or there is hardware malfunction/specifics due to which Acronis modules can't get access to the device.

Solution 1

There is no possibility to add drivers to regular Acronis Bootable Media (based on Linux) on the fly.

As workaround, you can use a Windows-based Bootable Media (WinPE) - see Acronis Bootable Media Types. It uses Windows-based drivers which can be requested from the respective hardware vendor and embedded into WinPE-based media manually.

Solution 2, for Acronis Backup (Advanced) only

A custom bootable media can be created for Acronis Backup (Advanced). Each case is to be investigated separately to determine the exact root cause and see if it is possible to implement the respective hardware support. The below information is needed to investigate the problem:

  1. Collect a system report from the Acronis Bootable Media as described in Acronis Linux Report, but be sure to use the latest one - see Downloading Acronis Bootable Media; if the hardware is malfunctioning after some steps performed from Acronis Bootable Media, make sure to reproduce the issue first - and only then get the system report output (make sure not to reboot the machine before getting the report);
  2. Collect a system report from Windows as described in AcronisInfo Utility;
  3. Describe the details of the problem hardware (computer brand/model, motherboard model, NIC model, disk/RAID controller model, RAID level, etc.) - you can contact the hardware vendor for additional information if needed;
  4. Contact Acronis Customer Central with the outputs of the two system report files and above data and a reference to this article.

More information

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