1787: Running Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server Linux Agent on 64 Bit Red Hat Based Systems

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Last update: Thu, 2010-01-28 15:38

To run the Linux Agent it is necessary to have the pam.i386, libselinux.i386, libsepol.i386 components installed

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When using Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server Linux Agent on a 64 bit Red Hat based distribution (e.g., RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Scientific Linux) it is necessary to have certain 32 bit components installed.


Make sure that the following packages are installed in the system:

  • pam.i386
  • libselinux.i386
  • libsepol.i386

(!) These packages should be available in the repository of your Linux distribution. It is necessary to have them installed to let one connect to the Linux Agent.

More information

Current versions of Acronis products do not use 64 bit extensions of processors and in fact are 32 bit executables. For the authentication there are used special system libraries, 32 bit versions of which are not always installed on 64 bit distributions.

See also Error Connecting to Acronis Agent for Linux Installed on 64 Bit Debian Based Systems.