27259: Acronis True Image Errors Out with "Failed to deploy task"

Start the Acronis Scheduler2 Service to fix the issue


Start of Acronis True Image or an attempt to run any task in Acronis True Image fails with the following error message:

Failed to deploy task


Acronis scheduling services are not started. As a result, no operation with any task is possible.

There are several possible caused why the services are not started:

  • Machine is started in Safe Mode. See Acronis Products Do Not Work in Windows Safe Mode
  • If you try to launch Acronis True Image right after system boot, services may not be initialized yet. It is recommended to wait several minutes before launching the product.


Acronis True Image checks for Acronis Scheduler2 Service and tries to start it automatically on Start.

(!) If there is no specified service in the list or if you get the "The system cannot find the file specified" error on an attempt to start the service please do the following:

  1. Download the latest build of the product;
  2. Run the installation file and select Repair

After updating to the latest build of the product, it will automatically launch Acronis Scheduler2 Service, if it the service status is not set to Disabled.


If you are using a version older than Acronis True Image 2012 build 7119 you can use this special tool to change the startup type to automatic.

  • Please download the file from here:scheduler2_starter.zip
  • After downloading, just run the tool and choose OK.
  • In case the OK dialog is displayed, but the issue still persists or in case error dialog is displayed - than it is a different issue and you should contact Acronis Customer Central.


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