39495: INFO: MassTransit WMI / Perfmon Support

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Last update: Wed, 2016-04-06 14:54


MassTransit 6.0 and later supports the standard Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interface that allows system administrators to monitor MassTransit servers in production environments as well as diagnose problems. For information on configuring Perfmon support in MassTransit Server 7 please visit http://docs.grouplogic.com/display/MassTransit/Tracking#Tracking-aboutperfmontool


MassTransit exposes key data points that reflect its state and performance as performance counters that could be monitored or recorded using standard WMI enabled system management tools, such as the Perfmon utility. This feature is only available on Windows for MassTransit Professional, Enterprise, Premier and Standard servers.

For more information on the available counters and how to configure them, please consult the linked document on MassTransit Perfmon Support.

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