39560: Incompatibilities between Acronis Files Connect filename policy and some Macintosh applications

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Last update: 11-07-2017


Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) 5.1 allows for the configuration of a "filename policy" - a set of rules that prevent the use of files matching particular criteria (characters illegal in Windows filenames, files with certain extensions, etc.) When Acronis Files Connect rejects client requests to create or copy these files, the client's application may not respond in a graceful manner.


Acronis Files Connect rejects client requests to create or copy certain files or folders by sending the client application an error code. This error code is not specific to illegal filenames, but is a general purpose error code indicating that the server encoutered an invalid parameter in the client's request. How the client application responds to such an error code is specific to that application. In our testing, Group Logic has found that certain applications do not handle the error code in a graceful manner.


Selecting multiple files or folders in the Finder and copying them to the server will fail in at least one of the files has a name that is not valid according to the server's filename policy. The Finder will copy as many files as it can until it encounters the "rejected" file - at that point, it stops the copy, leaving a subset of the files on the server.

In addition, when a file exists on the server with an "illegal" name and the client attempts to copy a file with the same name to the server, overwriting the original file, Acronis Files Connect will fail to copy the file (because of the "illegal" name), but the original file will be deleted.

Microsoft Entourage 2004

Printing an Entourage e-mail and saving that print job as a PDF with an invalid name causes Entourage to give an "out of memory" error and disable printing until Entourage is quit and relaunched.

Microsoft Excel 2004

Saving an Excel file with an invalid name causes the file to be given a "garbage" name (e.g. "FEB5D000").

Microsoft PowerPoint 2004

Saving a PowerPoint file as a QuickTime movie with an invalid name causes the application to leave a temporary file ("QTMov") on the server.

Filemaker Pro

Printing and then saving the print job as a PDF with an invalid name can yield an "out of memory" error.


Exporting a playlist or the library to a file with an illegal name does not yield an iTunes error, but the exported file is always given the name "iTunes Export".

iWork - Keynote & Pages

While saving keynote presentations or pages documents with embedded media files (mp3s) that violate the set policies the presentation will save with a warning message, and the embedded media will be lost from the saved file. Also when reopening the copy of the file saved to the server you will be prompted to replace the missing media. (Internally keynote/pages use a QT mov ref file to the original media file that it copies along inside its package, and when the save on that copied file fails the resulting mov ref is invalid when trying to play back. Unless you open the keynote/pages file that resides on the server from the same client that the file was uploaded from in which case the mov ref will locate the local copy of the media file and appear as though the file works fine, but moving to another client will cause the media file to appear as missing.)