39644: Support for NTFS mount points / junctions in Acronis Files Connect

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Last update: 18-05-2021


Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) supports AFP sharing of directories that are mount points (also known as junctions), or directories that are contained within a mount point.


Acronis Files Connect supports sharing out data stored in NTFS mount points via AFP in three ways:

1) Share out the mount point itself via Acronis Files Connect. For example, in the hierarchy D:\Data\Folder1, if Folder1 is a mount point, then create a share for D:\Data\Folder1 in Acronis Files Connect to make this mount point available to Macs using AFP.

2) Share out a directory contained within the mount point via Acronis Files Connect. For example, in the hierarchy D:\Data\Folder1\SubFolder, if Folder1 is a mount point, you can create a Acronis Files Connect Volume for SubFolder.

Note: Mount points contained inside directories that are Acronis Files Connect AFP shares will not appear to Macs connecting via AFP, due to the reliance on file and folder IDs. For example, in the hierarchy D:\Data\Folder1, if D:\Data is an AFP share in Acronis Files Connect and Folder1 is a mount point, Macs will not see Folder1 inside the D:\Data volume.


3) Using the Acronis Files Connect Search Only Volume feature, as documented in the "Search only" section at Configuring Your First Shared Volume.

Note: Spotlight search support for data stored in mount points can be provided by the Acronis Content Indexing feature of Acronis Files Connect.