45936: Mobile Access: Configuring Your First Gateway Server and Data Source

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Last update: 05-06-2020

Configuring Your First Gateway Server and Data Source

This article applies to:

  • Mobile Access


Registering a new Gateway Server

  1. Go to the computer on which you have the Gateway Server installed.
  2. Open https://localhost/.

    Note: The port 443 is the default port. If you have changed the default port, add your port number after localhost.

  3. Write down the Administration Key.

  4. Open the Acronis Access Web Interface.
  5. Open the Mobile Access tab.
  6. Open the Gateway Servers tab.
  7. Press the Add New Gateway Server button.

  8. Enter a Display Name for your Gateway Server.
  9. Enter the DNS name or IP address of your Gateway Server.

    Note: If your mobile clients connect to the gateway by going through a reverse proxy server or loadbalancer you should enable Use alternate address for client connections and enter the DNS name or IP address of your reverse proxy server or loadbalancer.

  10. Enter the Administration Key.
  11. If required, allow connections with self-signed certificates to this gateway by enabling Allow connections from Acronis Cyber Files servers using self-signed certificates.
  12. Press the Save button.

    Note: Make sure you have at least 1 Gateway Server available.

Creating a Data Source

To create a Data source:

  1. Open the Acronis Access Web Interface.
  2. Open the Mobile Access tab.
  3. Open the Data Sources tab.
  4. Go to Folders.
  5. Press the Add New Folder button.
  6. Enter a display name for the folder.
  7. Select the Gateway Server which will give access to this folder.
  8. Select the location of the data. This can be on the actual Gateway Server, on another SMB server, on aSharePoint Site or Library or on an activEcho server.

    Note: When selecting activEcho, make sure to enter the full path to the server with the port number. e.g.: https://mycompany.com:3000

  9. Based on your choice of location, enter the path to that folder, server, site or library.
  10. Select the Sync type of this folder.
  11. Enable Show When Browsing Server if you want this Data Source to be visible when mobilEcho clients browse the Gateway Server.
  12. Select if the folder should require Salesforce activity logging.
  13. Find and select the User or Group the folder will be assigned to.
  14. Press the Save button.

More information

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