45941: Mobile Access: Installing the mobilEcho Client Application

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Last update: Mon, 2016-04-04 09:47

Client installation

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  • Mobile Access


  1. Browse to mobilEcho in the Apple or Android app store
  2. Install the mobilEcho app and tap it to launch mobilEcho.
  3. At the Welcome screen, tap Continue.
    • Tap the “+” icon on iOS to add a server.
    • On Android, open the Settings menu and tap Add Server.
  4. Enter the Server Name or IP address of the server you installed mobilEcho on. You can optionally enter a Display Name for this server, which will appear in the mobilEcho server list.
  5. Enter a Username that has access to the Gateway Server. mobilEcho uses standard NTFS permissions to regulate access.
  6. Toggle Save Password to ON if you would like to save your password, then enter and confirm your password.
  7. Tap Save to commit the server settings.
  8. Tap the server listed in the left hand pane to connect and browse available volumes.

More information

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