46840: Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting E-mail Notification Issues

    Last update: 14-05-2021

    How to solve e-mail notifications issues.

    Always make sure you have the latest build of the product.


    1. In Acronis True Image you set up E-Mail notifications on operation results;
    2. E-Mail notifications fail with the following error message: Cannot send e-mail. The possible reason might be incorrect e-mail settings.

    Known issues

    Possible reasons for e-mail notifications issues can be:

    1. Incorrect e-mail settings.
    2. Firewall, antivirus or other security software blocks Acronis product from accessing the network.
    3. E-Mail notifications are rejected as spam by your mail server.

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    Follow these steps to troubleshoot e-mail notifications issues:

    Incorrect e-mail settings

    Go to Backup options -> Notifications:

      1. Please set the E-mail address in the form of <name@domain.com>, otherwise e-mail notifications do not work.
      2. If the SMTP server does not require authentication, make sure the User name and Password fields are left blank.
      3. Please click on Show extended settings if:

      1. If a login to POP3 server is required before accessing SMTP server, make sure the option Log on to incoming mail server is selected (disabled by default).
      2. To prevent SMTP from failing to detect the notification correctly, make sure that the From: and Subject: fields are blank.

    Firewall, antivirus or other security software block notifications

    If any firewall, antivirus or other security software is installed on the machine, make sure the following modules are added to the list of trusted applications in the security software:

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\TrueImageHome\TrueImageHomeService.exe
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\TrueImageHome\TrueImageHomeNotify.exe

    E-Mail notifications are rejected as spam by your mail server

    If you suspect that the E-mail notifications are rejected as spam by your mail server, ask your network administrator to confirm that and add an exception for them based on the format of the email notifications.

    Collecting Information

    Collect the following information and contact Acronis Customer Central.

    1. Collect System Report from the machine in question after the issue is reproduced: see Acronis True Image: Generating System Report. If this does not work, collect information with AcronisInfo Utility.
    2. Screenshots of all the E-mail settings
    3. Send the collected information to Acronis Customer Central via FTP: see Uploading Files to Acronis FTP Server. A unique FTP link tied to your case can be provided by the Support Engineer assigned to your case.

    More information

    If setting up e-mail notifications in the product does not work, as a workaround, you can enable global notifications in your Acronis Account. See https://kb.acronis.com/content/59265#universal for more information.