47846: Using ldp.exe to Search for a MassTransit User’s GUID

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Last update: Mon, 2014-08-25 12:55

  1. Connect to your LDAP server.

  2. Bind using the credentials set in the MassTransitEngine.cfg file.

  3. From the View menu, select Tree

  4. 4. Enter the BaseDN

  5. 5. Right click on base in the lefthand box and select Search

  6. Enter GUID preceded by and separated by \ every second character. For example - (objectGUID=\dc\8f\41\1d\dc\0f\07\80\47\95\01\5e\59\34\bd\d3)

The information regarding this GUID will be presented in the righthand side.  From there you can determine which OU the user belongs to in order to add it to the searchbase. This is the first line of information about the user, for example: CN=User Name,OU=Marketing,DC=domain,DC=com.