47852: Installing MassTransit and MySQL In Non-Default Locations

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Last update: 30-04-2021

By default, when you install MassTransit MySQL is also installed.  The default location for installation is “C:\Program Files (x86)” (“C:\Program Files” if on  a 32-bit OS).  Options are provided which allow you to set the location for MassTransit, during installation but not for MySQL.  If you wish to install MySQL and MassTransit in non-default locations, you will need to install the programs separately.  MySQL will need to be installed first.  

You can download the standalone MySQL and MassTransit installers from support.grouplogic.com/mtlatest.

  1. To install MySQL in a custom location you will follow the directions we have online for MySQL 5.1

    (!) Once you get to Step 6, instead of choosing Typical, you will choose Custom for the Installation Type.

  2. Next you will highlight the MySQL Server and click the Change button

  3. Enter the custom location and click the OK button

  4. Repeat these steps for the MySQL Server Datafiles option (by default these get installed in the ProgramData directory on Windows 2008 and later)  and click the Next button

  5. Verify that the custom location is correct.  (in this example the custom location is still on the C: drive but it is valid to be on any local drive)  Click the Install button.

  6. Resume the online MySQL installation directions starting with Step 7.
  7. Install MassTransit -  Follow the directions online for installing MassTransit.
  8. When you get to Step 7, you may specify a different location in which to install MassTransit. Click Next.

  9. Choose the Allow MassTransit to use this installation of MySQL option.

  10. Continue with the online instructions at step 10 to finish the installation.