47900: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Upgrade Policy

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Last update: Mon, 2019-07-22 09:22

If you have a valid Acronis Advantage Premier/Acronis Advantage Standard subscription for your Acronis Snap Deploy product, you are eligible for upgrade to Acronis Snap Deploy 5.

How to check whether you have a valid subscription:

  1. Log in into your Acronis account and open Products tab;
  2. Find your Acronis Snap Deploy product in the list and check your support program expiration date;
  3. If you have an active support program, you are eligible for an upgrade to Acronis Snap Deploy 5: press Free Upgrade to receive upgrade licenses:

    If support program is already expired, upgrade is not available.

    If you don't have a valid maintenance for your perpetual license, you can either renew it in order to get a free upgrade, or purchase upgrade to Acronis Snap Deploy 5.

(!) Since Acronis Universal Deploy is included in all Acronis Snap Deploy 5 licenses, you can only receive upgrades for standard machine licenses. Acronis Snap Deploy 2/3/4 Universal Deploy licenses cannot be upgraded to Acronis Snap Deploy 5.

(!) There is no need to upgrade Acronis Snap Deploy 4 Deployment licenses, as they can be used in Acronis Snap Deploy 5.