56133: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Standalone Deployment from USB Disk Fails

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Applies to: 

Operating Systems: 

Last update: 03-08-2017


  1. You are trying to make a standalone deployment of an image placed on an external HDD to default disk.
  2. Deployment fails with:

E00770022: Deployment has completed with errors.
Failed to prepare to the image deployment operations. Possibly, image is corrupted or is not accessible.

Error code: 0x330022
$module = "stand_alone_glx_1416"
Tag: 0x100FE7C3207C546D
Internal error: Failed to create the image stream reader.

Error code: 0x103EA
$module = "stand_alone_glx_1416"
Tag: 0x51EA1282EC004F0
Failed to open file fore reading. Error: 262.151

Error code: 0x103E9
$module = "stand_alone_glx_1415"
Tag: 0x64A31B1B5AFDA9B7
Error occured while opening the file.

Error code: 0x40007
$module = "stand_alone_glx_1416"
Tag: 0x948D543C8805EBDE


Issue in the product.


This issue has been fixed in Update 2. Please update to the latest build.