56370: Acronis MassTransit: How to Test Data Transfer

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Last update: 07-04-2016

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  • Acronis MassTransit

Here is a way to monitor data transfer when you need to troubleshoot network issues in your MassTransit environment.


Download jPerf from here. You will need to have Java installed to run it.

You will need to run iPerf on both sides. One side measures what is sent, and the other what is received.

Set up jPerf:

Initiate a large transfer, leave the tool running for 10 to 15 minutes, then collect the reports on both sides and check for any issues such as drops in speed or timeouts.



If you don't have or don't want to install Java on the server you can use the command line version iPerf (download it here).

You need to run it on both machines. One instance needs to be run in client mode and the other in server mode.

The command to run iPerf as a server is:
iperf.exe -s -u -P [number of connections] -i 1 -p [port] -f k

The command to run it as a client is:
iperf.exe -c [server IP address] -u -P 1 -i 1 -p [port] -f k -b 1.0M -t 60 -T 1 -F [path to file for transfer]

The tool was originally written as a bandwidth tester, so you will need to set up some more settings, such as how long to send data and the number of connections (Please set this to an average number of connections).

You should shut the MassTransit service down on the server where you will run iPerf in server mode (receiving server) and use the same port.