56379: Acronis Storage: Removing Acronis Storage from Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

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Last update: Fri, 2020-05-01 06:16

Starting with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud v.7.7, you can delete storage from the Management Portal directly. See this guide for help.

In older versions, do the following to remove an Acronis Storage instance from Acronis Backup Cloud:

  1. In the management portal, find your data center's location:
  2. Log in with your partner account login.
  3. Modify URL to access RAML (put in your DC name):
    https://cloud.acronis.com > https://<your data center's location>-cloud.acronis.com/api/1/doc
    where <your data center's location> is the location you noted in step 2.
  4. Navigate to /groups/{group}/storages and select GET:
  5. Find out the group ID of the Partner group where the storage is registered
  6. Provide group ID (noted in step 5):
  7. Click GET to issue a GET request.
  8. Note the ID of the storage you want to delete.
  9. Navigate to /groups/{group}/storages/{storage} and select GET:
  10. Provide the group ID and the storage ID and issue a GET request:
  11. Note the version of the storage.
  12. In /groups/{group}/storages/{storage}, select DELETE.
  13. Provide group ID, storage ID (noted in step 8) and version (noted in step 12) and click DELETE.