57420: BackupAgent: Upgrading Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Clients to Acronis Backup Cloud

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There are some steps that need to be performed manually to fully migrate Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines from BackupAgent to Acronis Backup Cloud


Migration Portal transfers end user's data in 2 steps – account information and groups structure is transferred by the server; backup plans are transferred by the client. There is no BA client with transfer logic for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (due to .NET limitations). Therefore, non-attended part of migration process ends at account and groups transfer. After that the migration needs to be finalised manually by creating backup plans in Acronis Backup Cloud console, deploying Acronis Backup Cloud client software and performing backups.

Please note the following limitations:

  • BackupAgent Client will continue run scheduled backups
  • BackupAgent backup tasks will not be imported to Acronis Backup Cloud console
  • Acronis Backup Cloud Agent should be installed manually on the machines with Windows 2003 or Windows XP
  • BackupAccounts should be activated manually via Acronis Backup Cloud console


To upgrade such users to Acronis Backup Cloud Agent all actions should be performed in Acronis Backup Cloud console when migration for the Reseller with such accounts has been finished and Resellers are unlocked in the Acronis Backup Cloud console. 

Unlock Resellers

It is possible to finish the upgrade and unlock the Providers\Resellers with End User Companies in the Acronis Backup Cloud console. This feature is available on the Provider/Reseller level. Hover over a Group Administrator name in the list and Expedite link will appear near Reseller.

Click Expedite link. The confirmation message will appear. Be aware that all selected users with computers will not be upgraded to Acronis Backup Clients anymore and all selected users and groups will not be imported to Acronis Backup Client anymore.

If you confirm finishing the migration, press Ok button. All the entities below (backup accounts, SubResellers) will be set to Pending expedite state.


To apply the changes, press Upgrade button. All selected entities will receive confirmed state. The Confirmed entities are hidden by default, to unhide them Display all should be checked:

Reseller (and all entities below) are unlocked in Acronis Backup Cloud console:

Activate Backup Accounts

In the Acronis Backup Cloud console find a necessary backup account and click Re-send Activation Link

 The user will receive an email with Activation Link

After entering a password, the user will be able to add machines. When Acronis Backup Cloud Agent will be downloaded and installed, using provided credentials during user activation, the machine will be added and new backup tasks can be created.

More information

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