57429: BackupAgent: Migration to Acronis Backup Cloud Project Planning

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This article provides general overview of BackupAgent to Acronis Backup Cloud migration process, its stages, process and data flow diagram, as well as reference migration timeline to facilitate planning and preparation activities. Audience of this article is Service Providers offering backup and restore service on the base of BackupAgent.  

Migration Process Overview

BackupAgent to Acronis Backup Cloud migration process involves transfer of groups, end users, and backup plans between BackupAgent and Acronis Backup Cloud environments. The transfer is performed via Migration Portal, a special tool developed to support the process. Transfer is initiated by the Service Provider and is performed automatically (except for specific OS versions and 3rd party applications listed in the Process Limitations section). 

End user data is not transferred during migration. Backups created by BackupAgent prior to migration remain available to end users and can be used for recovery until migration completes. Once groups, users, and backup plans are transferred to Acronis Backup Cloud, new backups are created by Acronis Backup Cloud. When the retention period for backups created by BackupAgent expires, end users continue using Acronis Backup Cloud for backup and restore operations, BackupAgent environment can be decomissioned, and migration can be considered accomplished.

Process Stages

Migration process is devided into 3 stages depicted at the high-level process diagram above and described below. Detailed desriptions with guidelines for individual steps are provided in the Migration Reference Timeline (see below).

  • Preparation. The following key activities are executed at this stage: collect information about Sevice Provider and customer base; develop migration timeline; develop customer communication on migration process and prerequisites; conduct trainings on migration process and products involved; prepare BackupAgent and Acronis Backup Cloud environment for migration.
  • Test Migration. Once the Preparation stage is over, test migration begins. At this stage a test migration is performed with the use of Migration Portal to ensure the complete process can be executed for a single test customer company. Acronis Technical Account Manager helps expedite issues resolution if any occur at this stage.
  • Live Migration. Live migration begins once the test migration completes successfully. At this stage live customer groups, users, and backup plans are transferred from BackupAgent to Acronis Backup Cloud. The process allows gradual transfer on per partner or per customer basis. Manual transfer of entities, transfer of which is not automated, is executed at this stage as well. The final step of live migration is the transfer of customer's data by doing initial backup anew in Acronis Backup Cloud.

Process Limitations

Migration Checklist and Reference Timeline

Migration checklist is to help collect information about Service Provider and customer base, which influences migration timeline. Migration Reference Timeline facilitates planning based on information collected in the checklist and also contains references to KBs and tools developed by Acronis to support the migration process.

Download Migration Reference Timeline

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