58030: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup: Backup Fails with "All items specified for backup do not exist." or "None of the items selected for backup were found."

Last update: Fri, 2020-05-01 06:16


Your backup fails a few seconds after start with the following error message:

None of the items selected for backup were found.


All items specified for backup do not exist.

In the details view, you will find an error message like this:

Error code: 58
Module: 307
LineInfo: 0xC37471CEFFA18278
Message: No backup items were resolved: ('avfs:/local?F:/UserFiles/User43','mms::file::dir',{'4B2A7A93-A44F-4155-BDE3-A023C57C9431':'gct::files'}) The specified file does not exist. The system cannot find the file specified


| error 0x133003a: No backup items were resolved:
| ('ArxUri=arx','arx::gct::mailbox')
| GXT: The item provider has skipped the report of an item with key '('ArxUri=arx,'arx::gct::mailbox')'.
| line: 0xc37471ceffa18286
| file: e:\219\enterprise\managers\gtob\protection\agent_engine\backup_job.cpp:263
| function: Gtob::Protection::BackupJob::CheckUnresolvedItems
| $module: agent_protection_addon_vsa64_10170


This error happens when items in the "Items to back up" of your backup plan can no longer be found by Acronis Cyber Backup.

For example:

  • You select a USB disk as your backup source in "Items to backup" but this disk is not connected to the system during the scheduled backup time, you will encounter this error
  • You select a folder as your backups source and this folder is later moved or renamed


We recommend updating to the build 10330 or later. Starting with this build, we have improved error reporting and you will be able to see which items exactly are not found.

Reselect these items and re-attempt backup.

Make sure that at least one item of the Items to backup field is available and connected during the scheduled backup time. If you are backing up files or folders, make sure that the names and locations of the files in your system correspond to the settings in your backup plan.

If you are still receiving this error, please contact Acronis Customer Central to troubleshoot this issue further.