58454: Acronis Backup 12: Setting Up Language in UEFI Mode of Bootable Media

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Last update: 29-07-2016

Acronis Backup 12 media supports various languages in the UEFI mode. Follow these steps to set up the preferred language:

  1. Start Acronis Media Builder.
  2. Select Linux-based media.
  3. In Linux kernel parameters type:
    lang=<preferred language>
    where <preferred language> is the language identifier for your preferred language

    Language Language Identifier
    English en
    Czech cs
    Danish da
    German de
    Spanish - Spain (Traditional) es_ES
    French fr
    Korean ko
    Italian it
    Hungarian hu
    Dutch nl
    Japanese ja
    Polish pl
    Portuguese - Portugal pt
    Portuguese - Brazil pt_BR
    Russian ru
    Turkish tr
    Chinese - China zh
    Chinese - Taiwan zh_TW

    For example:

  4. Follow on-screen instructions and create a bootable media.