59057: Acronis Backup Cloud: Troubleshooting Synchronization Issues between Agents and Management Server

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    1. Agent is offline although the machine is running.
    2. Incorrect last/next backup start time or other data displayed in the backup management console.


    1. Check last activities of the affected agent:
      1. Check Activities in the backup management console.
      2. Check logs on the Agent machine in:
        • Windows: %allusersprofile%\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\MMS\mms.0.txt
        • Linux: /var/lib/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/MMS/mms.0.log
        • macOS: /Library/Application Support/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/MMS/
    2. Make sure that Acronis Managed Machine service (acronis_mms in Linux and macOS) is running and its user has required permissions:
      • Windows: Start -> Search -> services.msc -> Acronis Managed Machine Service
      • Linux: ps aux | grep Acronis
      • macOS: sudo launchctl list | grep acronis
    3. Make sure the affected machine has internet connection.
    4. Make sure http://cloud.acronis.com is accessible from the affected machine.
    5. Make sure all required ports are open. You can check port with Cloud Connection Verification Tool. If the tool reports that a required port is closed, open this port.
    6. Make sure Acronis Management Server can process Agent's requests. You can check it by creating and applying a test backup plan (you can revoke the plan afterwards).
    7. Make sure the affected machine has received a correct token from the management server:
      1. Issue:
        acropsh -m dmldump --service mms --viewspec-string Msp::Agent::Dto::Configuration
      2. Make sure the Uplink line is filled:
            ('.Uplink.Address.Address', 'string', 'eu-baas.acronis.com'),
            ('.Uplink.Address.Alternatives', 'array', []),
            ('.Uplink.Address.Alternatives^Nil', 'nil', None),
            ('.Uplink.Address.Port', 'dword', 7787),
            ('.Uplink.Address^Is', 'string', 'Msp::Agent::Dto::ServerAddress'),
            ('.Uplink.IsSuspended', 'bool', 0),
            ('.Uplink.SessionType', 'string', 'ams'),
            ('.Uplink.ZmqPublicKey', 'string', 'y0Qd(6lPiJ2<)JkpXcmpITe8VhGQWh^*/HLQVZq#'),
            ('.Uplink^Is', 'string', 'Msp::Agent::Dto::UplinkInfo'),
    8. Stop Acronis Managed Machine service for 4-5 minutes until the Agent goes offline in the backup management console. Start Acronis Managed Machine Service afterwards and check whether the issue persists.
      • Windows: Start -> Search -> services.msc -> Acronis Managed Machine Service -> click Stop service, then click Start service
      • Linux: /etc/init.d/acronis_mms stop
        /etc/init.d/acronis_mms start
      • macOS: sudo launchctl start <service_name>
        sudo launchctl stop <service_name>
    9. If none of the above helps, please contact Acronis Customer Central for assistance.
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