59255: Acronis Backup 12: disk-level backup under bootable media to an USB drive fails

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Last update: 29-04-2021


  1. You boot your machine with Acronis bootable media.
  2. You start a disk-level backup: a backup of the entire machine or selected disk(s).
  3. As backup destination, you select an external USB drive.
  4. Backup fails with:
    error 0x950001: Invalid parameters were specified.
    line: 0x15b308bfdeeec05
    file: k:/3500/enterprise/disk_manager/daapi1/operations_backup.cpp:445
    function: ExecBackup
    $module: disk_bundle_glxa64_3500

    error 0xa100c9: Failed to get information about the archives.
    line: 0xb320396adfe3bfd
    file: k:/3500/enterprise/mms/managers/archive/impl/private_manager.cpp:344
    function: GetArchivesInfo
    IsReturnCode: 0x1
    $module: disk_bundle_glxa64_3500

    error 0xa100d4: Failed to find archive 'D:\Archive(1).TIB
    line: 0xb320396adfe3ea1
    file: k:/3500/enterprise/mms/managers/archive/impl/private_manager.cpp:1020
    function: FindArchive
    IsReturnCode: 0x1
    $module: disk_bundle_glxa64_3500

    error 0xa10007: Cannot find archive 'Archive(1).TIB'.
    line: 0xa110f03a4aa48d9c
    file: k:/3500/enterprise/mms/managers/archive/impl/local/local_find_impl.cpp:134
    function: GetResult
    $module: disk_bundle_glxa64_3500"


Issue in the product.


The issue has been fixed in Acronis Backup 12 Update 3 (build 3689 or later), please update to the latest build.

As workaround, please use a bootable media of Acronis Backup 11.7