59406: Acronis Backup Cloud: how to validate an archive using acrocmd

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You need to perform the steps below on a machine where Acronis Agent and Acronis Command-Line Tool are installed. By default, Acronis Command-Line Tool is installed along with the Agent. Agent should be registered under the same Acronis Backup Cloud's account as the machine which archive you are going to validate.

Sometimes it is necessary to determine whether an archive stored in the cloud is consistent, i.e. to validate a backup for the possibility of data recovery. This operation is called backup validation.

Acronis Backup Cloud’s GUI does not allow running a backup validation process separately from the backup job. In case a backup task fails, it won’t be possible to validate the archive using the backup console since validation only runs after a successful backup. This limitation can be bypassed using Acronis Command-Line Tool (acrocmd).

The commands below contain the parameter for saving logs. To make logs more detailed and informative you may first want to change logging level to “debug”:
1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\BackupClient\BackupAndRecovery\
2. Open the file named mms.config
3. Find the line containing the following string: <channel id="mms" level="info"
4. Change level="info" to level="debug".
5. Save the file and restart Acronis Managed Machine Service.
If you want to validate an encrypted archive, add the
directly after the --arc parameter. Where <password> is the encryption password you have specified in the backup plan.
Encrypt the password with acronis_encrypt utility.

Validation of the latest backup may also take time, even if this backup is incremental or differential, and small in size. This is because the operation validates not only the data physically contained in the backup, but all of the data recoverable by selecting the backup. This requires access to previously created backups.