59690: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Speed Test utility

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Last update: 09-02-2021

Which tool to use?

There are 2 methods of testing upload/download speed to/from Acronis data centers: one of them is the Acronis Speed Test utility described in this article and the other method uses archive_io_ctl tool described here: Using archive_ctl CLI tool to test upload and download speed to/from a cloud storage location.

Acronis Speed Test uses multiple TCP streams (as of now, typically 4) in parallel. This might not be representative of how backups are transferred to/from cloud; if the latency between the testing machine/agent and the cloud storage exceeds several tens of milliseconds, the utility is likely to SUBSTANTIALLY OVERESTIMATE THE TRANSFER SPEED.

The transfer done by archive_io_ctl is, for the time being, over a single TCP stream, which matches how most agents work with cloud storage of most tenants at the moment. The currently used storage access protocol, ABGW 1.x, does not use multiple streams in parallel. This method involves several steps but shows clearer results.

Acronis Speed Test can be used to quickly make a rough estimate, however, we recommend making a comprehensive test with archive_io_ctl.

How to use Acronis Speed Test

Data center Utility is available at
EU2 (Frankfurt, Germany) https://cloud-wr-eu2.acronis.com/speedtest/
SG1 (Singapore) https://cloud-wr-sg1.acronis.com/speedtest/
JP1 (Nagano, Japan) https://cloud-wr-jp1.acronis.com/speedtest/
JP2 (Nagano, Japan) https://cloud-wr-jp2.acronis.com/speedtest/
RU2 (Moscow, Russia) https://cloud-wr-ru2.acronis.com/speedtest/
AU1 (Sydney, Australia) https://cloud-wr-au1.acronis.com/speedtest/
EU3 (London, UK) https://cloud-wr-eu3.acronis.com/speedtest/
US2 (Phoenix, US) https://cloud-wr-us2.acronis.com/speedtest/
EU5 (Lupfig, Switzerland) https://cloud-wr-eu5.acronis.com/speedtest/

(!) For EU8, use speedtest utility for U2. EU8 uses the same cloud location for cloud storage as EU2. 

Acronis Speed Test is not available in other Acronis data centers.


The utility requires up-to date Adobe Flash Player installed.


Please be aware that other upload/download speed testing utilities select a server close to your location by default; for proper testing you need to select a server close to Acronis Data Center location, otherwise the results may not be accurate.

Follow the link corresponding to your data center and click Go:

Wait for the utility to complete the test and collect necessary data:

Run the utility on the device where Acronis Agent is installed to check connection to the Cloud storage.

Resulting upload/download speed corresponds to the maximum available bandwidth, actual backup/recovery and other Agent activities also depend on latency: the lower latency the higher final speed.