59749: "Subscription license will expire soon/expired" alerts

Last update: 03-08-2021

Subscription license will expire soon
This alert notifies you, that your subscription license will expire in 30 days. Consider purchasing a new subscription to continue using Acronis Cyber Backup.

Subscription license has expired
Subscription license used for backing up this machine is expired. After a subscription expires, all product functionality except recovery is blocked until further subscription renewal. Backed up data is still accessible for recovery.
To continue using Acronis Cyber Backup, purchase a new subscription.

If you have recently purchased a new subscription but still receive the message that subscription is expired, you need to import new subscription from Acronis Account: in Management Console, go to Settings -> Licenses and click Sync in the top right corner. Subscriptions will be synchronized.

If you do not want to receive e-mail notifications about subscription expiration you can disable these types of notifications on Management Server: go to Settings -> System settings -> Email notifications

Critical: uncheck Subscription license has expired

Warning: uncheck Subscription license will expire soon

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Subscription period starts on subscription license purchase date.