60464: Acronis Cyber Cloud: Management Portal changes in version 7.5

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Last update: Fri, 2020-05-01 06:16

1. 'Management Console' name changed to ‘Management Portal’.

2. Groups are now called Tenants and have names and icons instead of group types. Types are still the same: e.g., Partner, Customer.

3. The Users tab displays only the user accounts that exist in the tenant in which you are currently operating.

For the convenience of user account management:

  • For partner tenants, the user accounts that exist in their child folder tenants are also shown.
  • For customer tenants, the user accounts that exist in their child unit tenants are also shown.

4. New type of tenant – Folder: it is used for grouping partners and customers inside the tenant to simplify management. For example, one folder for direct customers, one folder for partners, folders for partners from Europe and APAC:

Dashboards and reports on the partner level will work only inside one partner tenant. It will be possible to add grouping by Folder in reports.

5. The Partner works on one level and can drill down to their partner and customer folders:

6. Management of companies is performed on one level. No need to drill down to each company to switch to the backup service console. The MSP can select the necessary company and click the “Manage service” button on the required service:

Additionally, MSP administrators can navigate to the backup service console by clicking on the 7-day history bar.

7. All tenant settings and operations related to groups are now on the left-side panel. The settings have not changed:

8. New Overview tab. It contains current usage and it allows navigating to the service console by using the “Manage service” button. Each service enabled for a partner and customer has a separate section:

 9. Reports were reworked:

  • It is possible to generate reports on any level, on-demand. Scheduled reports are available on the partner/tenant level only.
  • Structure of the CSV file is updated to support multiple services. Its format is optimized for using pivot tables in Excel.
  • A “Current usage” report is added. It shows the current state of groups and their usage on the previous day. It can be used to analyze current partner/customer base:

10. The storage section is the same. It has backup storages and it is automatically hidden if Acronis Cyber Files Cloud only is enabled.

11. Creating a new partner or customer is done through a wizard. It consists of three steps:

  • General information:
  • Setting available services and functionality:
  • Adding the administrator account who will manage this company:

12.Properties of the company or services can be changed in the Partner/Customer details view, by clicking on the “pencil” icon:

13. All additional operations for tenants are available under the “menu” icon: