61122: Acronis Backup Gateway 2.x: registering Acronis Backup Gateway with existing ID

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Last update: 20-05-2021

The article describes step-by-step how to register new Acronis Backup Gateway with existing ID remained from the previous installation of Acronis Backup Gateway.


The main goal of the operations below is to create a seamless backup process for partner's backup agents. The usual scenarios: backup data on the existing/old gateway is no longer needed or old storage is not available anymore but there are too many backup agents to apply the changes to them. New backups will be saved to a newly installed storage instance but it will have the same registration details as the previous installation and work as if it was the same storage.


1. Note the existing UID of the previous Acronis Backup Gateway node installation. It can be found in the output of the following request in your web-browser:

<datacenter_name> is the address of your Acronis datacenter, starting with https:// eg. 'https://eu-cloud.acronis.com'
<group_id> is the Partner group ID from Management Portal


You need UID not UUID

2. Install a new Acronis Backup Gateway node following Acronis documentation.

1. Create a temporary technical Admin account for the partner:

2. Register a new installation with any 'fake' DNS name to the same DC as for the previous installation under the new temporary Admin account.

If you don't have enough permissions to create a temporary Admin account, you will need partner's Admin credentials. Schedule a remote session with the partner or ask to provide required credentials.

3. Paste registration details of the existing installation into the registration file of the newly installed ABGW.

1. Go to /mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/certs/ 

2. Verify that the file /mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/certs/.abgw.abc-registration-info exist

3. Open the file in editor: 
# vi /mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/certs/.abgw.abc-registration-info
It should open like this: 

4. Press the "Insert" button to be able to insert the text:

5. Move the pointer with arrow buttons. 

6. Paste UID from p.1 and DNS name of the existing installation into the respective fields of the file.

7. Press "Escape" to quit the insert mode.

8. Type :wq to save the changes and close the editor.

4. Force certificate update on the new ABGW installation
# vstorage-abgw-register update-crt

Use credentials for temporary Admin from p.2 or partner's Admin credentials.

You will see this outcome:

5. Paste Partner Admin account into the respective field of the registration file /mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/certs/.abgw.abc-registration-info.

This step is not required if you used partner's Admin credentials for registration in p.2

6. Remove temporary technical Admin account from the Management Portal:

This step is not required if you used partner's Admin credentials for registration in p.2

7. Remove ABGW installation instance with 'fake' DNS name you used in p.2 from the Management Portal.