61656: Acronis Cyber Cloud: Troubleshooting issues with APS package for Odin Service Automation

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    Last update: Tue, 2021-04-06 11:37

    You are facing an issue with APS package (integration of Acronis Cyber Cloud with ODIN Automation), but you cannot identify its root cause right away. First of all, you need to localize the issue and this article will guide you through this process. Please provide this information to Acronis support, if you will need further assistance.

    What is APS package

    Our Acronis Cyber Cloud APS2.2 integration package for Odin Service Automation (OSA) enables the service provider to provide the backup service to customers, who then provide it to their users. Odin Service Automation (OSA) is a SaaS web-based application, which is designed to integrate different as-a-service solutions to single platform.

    The service provider charges each customer based on one or more counters, such as the amount of backup storage. It does not matter how customers themselves charge their end-users.

    OSA is a software platform that has an endpoint where our package is installed. It has a web interface where the application functionality is integrated once the package is installed.


    Step 1: check product version and update

    When you face an issue with APS package for Acronis Cyber Cloud, start with checking the environment:

    What OSA version is in place?
    Take a screenshot of a page with OSA version (System -> Information -> About).

    What APS package version is installed?
    Take a screenshot of a page with application instances (Services -> Applications -> Acronis Cyber Backup Service / Acronis Cyber Cloud).

    What is the APS version on the endpoint?
    Log in via SSH to the endpoint and execute these commands:
    rpm -qa | grep acronis
    cat /var/www/html/backupservice/app/Vers.ion

    What is the version of APS runtime?
    Log in via SSH to APS endpoint and execute these command:
    rpm -qa | grep aps-php-runtime

    If you have an outdated version of the APS package, it is recommended to install the latest one. Follow the instructions in the documentation provided with Acronis Cyber Cloud package 2.0 version. You can download the latest version available on apsstandard.org site. Upgrade and deployment instructions are available in OSA APS 2.0 Deployment Guide. We have a specific APS Package update pre-check tool so that our Partners do not run into known issues. 

    Step 2: get a step-by-step description

    After you clarified the basic details and made sure you are using the latest version, make a step-by-step description of how the issue is reproduced. Depending on the issue, you may need to take screenshots that will illustrate the problem for Acronis support representative.

    Knowing the exact steps helps in understanding to which of the main three sides of the integration the issue is related to:

    • OSA-related issues
    • APS package related issues
    • Acronis Cyber Cloud related issues.

    Step 3: Gather and analyze the logs

    Archive and download logs from APS endpoint:



    Archive and download logs from POA node:



    Once you have the logs, check the timestamps to make sure the logs capture the time of the issue.

    Open the logs in Notepad++  and search for "error" to identify the root cause.

    Further assistance

    If you need further assistance, please contact Acronis support and provide the collected information.

    Additional information

    By the way, did you know that existing Acronis Cyber Cloud entities could be migrated to Odin Automation