61667: Acronis True Image: exFAT partitions are detected as empty by Linux-based media

Last update: 31-05-2021


There are two types of symptoms for this issue:

  1. You save a backup to an exFAT partition, no matter on external or internal disk
  2. You boot from Linux-based Acronis Bootable Media or Linux-based Acronis Survival Kit (available in Acronis True Image 2019 and later) and try to browse for that backup
  3.  exFAT partition with backup is displayed, but when you click on it to see the list of files and folders on it, it is shown as empty


  1. You save a backup to an exFAT partition, no matter on external or internal disk
  2. You start recovery from that backup under Windows and the machine reboots as a part of recovery operation
  3. After reboot, recovery fails with a message similar to the following one:

    Failed to open backup. Make sure the backup location is accessible and contains all versions of the backup


Issue in the product. Linux-based bootable media and Linux-based Acronis Survival Kit do not read exFAT partitions properly.


There are two possible workarounds.

1) Create WinPE/WinRE-based bootable media:

Launch Acronis Rescue Media Builder and select Advanced media creation mode, then select WinPE-based media, and create a WinRE or WinPE based bootable media. WinRE and WinPE-based medias can read from exFAT partitions without issues. See User Guide for more information about Advanced media creation mode.

2) Format exFAT partition into NTFS

Boot into Windows, move all data from exFAT partition, format the partition as NTFS file system, then move all data back.

It is not possible to convert the file system from exFAT to NTFS without having to move files outside and then copying them back. Disk format operation destroys everything on that disk partition.
When formatting partition in NTFS, it is recommended to choose the maximum available value for allocation unit size for better performance when operating with big files.

More information

Acronis Development Team is working on fixing this issue in future versions of the product