61905: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: how to open Acronis Backup Gateway log

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    Last update: 22-10-2021

    This article explains how to open Acronis Backup Gateway logs. It is required for the troubleshooting storage-related issues.

    In Acronis Storage 2.0, logs were written to a .gz file. Since Acronis Storage 2.1, Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure and Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, logs are written to a .zst file. 

    Log location, format and default rotation can be checked in Acronis Backup Gateway configuration file, e.g.:

    [root@aci-node-01 ~]# grep '^log' /etc/vstorage/abgw.config
    log.file = /var/log/vstorage/abgw.log.zst
    log.rotate = 50x200M

    Depending on the configuration, log will be in plain text compressed as .gz or as .zst file:

    Open compressed .gz log with the following command:

    # zless /var/log/vstorage/abgw.log.gz

    Open compressed .zst log:

    # zstdcat /var/log/vstorage/abgw.log.zst | less