62179: How to change payment information for subscription

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Last update: 14-05-2020


If you purchased a subscription product from Acronis, you may need to change your payment details, e.g if the credit card used for payments expires or you simply want to use a different payment method.

If the credit card used for payment expires before the next payment is due, you will receive an automated e-mail from Cleverbridge online store with a subject similar to Reference #<order number>: Updated payment details required for <Acronis product>.  Follow the link in the e-mail to update payment details.

For Acronis Cyber Backup, you change credit card detais and subscription status under your Acronis account:

If you cannot find this e-mail or the link, or if you need to change your payment details for other reason than expiring credit card, please contact Cleverbridge Customer Service for assistance.