62218: Acronis Cyber Protect: Execution of the .exe installation file must be explicitly allowed due to security settings

Last update: 12-09-2022


On a machine with Windows operating system, you try to start Acronis Cyber Protect .exe installation file downloaded from the Internet or copied from another machine. After you double-click the installation file, mouse pointer shows some activity, but then nothing happens: installation is interrupted with no visible errors and installation wizard is not shown. If you check Windows event log, you see no crashes.


Check properties of the .exe installation file. In the bottom of the window you will find the Security section which states that access to the executable was probably blocked as the file comes from another computer.

Unblock the file to proceed with installation. Depending on your Windows version, steps to unblock the file may be slightly different:

  • Click on Unblock button and then OK
  • Check the Unblock checkbox and click Apply

More information

If unblocking the file does not resolve the issue, see Acronis Cyber Backup: Troubleshooting Installation Issues