62307: Acronis Cyber Cloud: How to activate user through APIv1

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Last update: Fri, 2020-05-01 06:16

This article describes how you can use API (version 1) for the activation purpose in case you need to activate an account and the link received in email does not work.

1. Log in to your account to find out your data center address:

Postman is used in further steps - download & install from https://www.getpostman.com/product/api-client

2. Start Postman. Make sure Build is selected at the bottom right. Click Create a request.

3. Log in to be authorized by sending a POST request.

Method: POST
Request URL: https://<your_cloud_address>.acronis.com/api/1/login
Body data (raw, JSON):

"username": "<your_partner_admin>",
"password": "<your_password>"

Click Send.

Make sure you have Status: 200 OK at the bottom.

3. Send a GET request to get the token for the account pending activation:

Method: GET
Request URL: https://<your_cloud_address>.acronis.com/api/1/actions/mail/activate?login=<login_of_account_pending_activation>

You should receive something like:

"action": "activation", 
"token": "gAAAAAAAAzvx2TTTtAxxxtagPrt7C2jsPR_nAAAAA_wWWWjzou4134n_agyifaTT371AaiW m nAAA-KyX1fN2yoWW1h_nOrldqFmg111170Y47_sNrmo3_RK9mk7yoRGCGYliT9qp2FTHmLMInl EbktdG0A15aqH_nNjTuhjeJNinKNpv3VVy9eev2rPZVlurFEqKn6jokWWF20MpGpfCfQ DySs4rusnO5vm5yBjen NXrPFDN kc9xHfrA%3D", 

4. Send a POST request to activate the account (password can be md5 hashed)

Method: POST
Request URL: https://<your_cloud_address>.acronis.com/api/1/actions/activate?token=<token_received_in_step_3>
Body (raw, JSON):

   "md5": 0, 
   "password": "<your_partner_admin_password>" 

5. Log in to the management portal to ensure the account is active: