62617: Acronis True Image: virtual machines support

Last update: 12-02-2021

Acronis True Image has been tested and is guaranteed to work with just one virtual machine format: Parallels Desktop 14. It is supported by Mac version of Acronis True Image 2019 and later.

Backup and recovery of Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machines

One of the unique features of Acronis True Image 2019/2020/2021 for Mac is its unrivaled support of Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machines backup, as part of disk backup on a Mac host:

  1. If you have an "Entire Mac" backup or a disk backup that includes files of Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machines, you already have a correct backup of your virtual machines. No additional configuration or adjustment is needed.
  2. No need to shut down or suspend Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machines. Deep integration with Parallels Desktop produces perfect backups of virtual machines, with system, all applications and data all in consistent state.
  3. In order to restore virtual machine, restore its files as usual file/folder recovery operation in Acronis True Image.
  4. If the entire Mac is restored, or the entire disk, the files that form the virtual machines are also restored and are ready for use.
  5. No need to run any scripts or commands to fix bootability after restoration or as pre/post commands.

Please note that backup of Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machines is included only with Mac version of Acronis True Image software.

Other virtual machine formats

Acronis True Image may work with other virtual machines formats, but it is not guaranteed and not supported.

Features "Universal Restore" and "Convert to VHD" in Acronis True Image are no exception: Universal Restore in Acronis True Image is supposed to be used with physical machines, and Convert to VHD only produces a file in virtual disk format. Acronis Customer Central does not provide technical assistance with mounting and further usage of the created vhd(x) file.