62658: Acronis Cyber Cloud: Acronis-hosted cloud storages naming convention

Last update: Mon, 2021-02-01 15:11

The article describes the naming convention for the Acronis-hosted cloud storages.

Below is the list of the storage names in corresponding data centers. 

Strasbourg, France baas-fes-eu1.acronis.com
Frankfurt, Germany baas-fes-eu2.acronis.com
Zurich, Switzerland  baas-fes-eu5.acronis.com
London, UK baas-fes-eu3.acronis.com
Moscow, Russia baas-fes-ru2.acronis.com
Ashburn, US baas-fes-us2.acronis.com
Sydney, Australia baas-fes-au1.acronis.com
Nagano, Japan baas-fes-jp1.acronis.com
Singapore baas-fes-sg1.acronis.com
Bhutan abgw-pbh1-aci01.acronis.com
Canada abgw-yvr1-aci01.acronis.com
New Zealand abgw-akl1-aci01.acronis.com

Spain: check your storage address in the Management Portal: Settings -> Locations -> Storages.

If you need to check the IP addresses or the ports, you can find it in the following KB article