62725: Acronis Backup: "Video mode setup error: Error 0x1480006: The video framebuffer parameters are invalid" when booting from Linux-based media

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  1. You create Linux-based Acronis Bootable media or download ISO image from Account or upload bootable components to Acronis PXE Server
  2. When trying to boot the target machine from this media, you see the following message:

    Video mode setup error: Error 0x1480006: The video framebuffer parameters are invalid


Known issue with Acronis UEFI loader.


Acronis Backup 12.5:  The issue has been fixed in Update 4 (Build 12890) of Acronis Backup 12.5. Install the latest build of the product and create a new Linux-based bootable media (see Acronis Backup 12.5: how to create a bootable media) or reupload the bootable components to PXE server.

If the issue reproduces with the newest build, collect the following information part and contact Acronis Customer Central:

  1. Acronis system information from the source machine (where the bootable media was created)
  2. Acronis system information from the target machine (if possible)
  3. Screenshots of error message.

Acronis Backup Cloud: fix is expected in one of the upcoming updates. As a workaround, create a WInPE-based bootable media: see this article for instructions.


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