63533: Acronis Cyber Cloud for WHMCS: How to change the Activation Method

Last update: Wed, 2020-04-15 14:39

Applicable to: 

  • Acronis Cyber Cloud module for WHMCS v2.0

There are two activation methods supported in Acronis Cyber Cloud module for WHMCS:

  • Send an email message: after the service provisioning, a client gets an email with the activation link.
  • Require user credentials when placing order: a client is asked to enter Cloud Username and Cloud Password for the access to the Acronis Cyber Cloud while placing an order.

In Acronis Cyber Cloud module v1.0 it was possible to select the Activation Method in the product settings.

In Acronis Cyber Cloud module v2.0, the Send an email message method is enabled in the module by default, and it can't be changed via WHMCS portal without additional steps.

In order to change the Activation method for the product, follow the instructions below:

1. Enable Activation method parameter in the Acronis Cyber Cloud configuration file:

# vim /path/to/whmcs/includes/acroniscloud/config.yaml
    ask_user_credentials: true

Note: Replace  /path/to/whmcs/ with the actual WHMCS installation directory

2. Open any product in WHMCS for Acronis Cyber Cloud and switch to the Module Settings tab.

3. Here you can set up the required Activation method.

The selected activation method will be applicable to all orders provisioned for this product.