63985: Acronis Backup: Logs in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\MMS\ consume a lot of drive space

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After updating Acronis Agent to build 12.5.14800 or higher, logs in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\MMS\ consume a lot of drive space.


Problem happens because logs for the 'dml core' component (introduced in version 8.0) are created using 'debug' level despite 'information' log level is set in the configuration file. The issue will be fixed in the next version.

To resolve the issue, you can disable 'dml core' logs or adjust setting to keep less log files:

  1. Open Command Promt (Run -> Serch -> type cmd.exe) and issue:
    net stop mms
    Or use the Services snap-in to stop "Acronis Managed Machine Service" service.
  2. Make a copy of file C:\Program Files\BackupClient\BackupAndRecovery\mms.config
  3. Open C:\Program Files\BackupClient\BackupAndRecovery\mms.config in Notepad and locate the line that starts with:

    <channel id="dml_core" level="information" enabled="true" type="logscope" flags="timestamp"

    • To disable logging modify the 'enabled' parameter and set it to "false
    • If free drive space allows, you may not disable logging completely but just reduce the number of log files by modifying the 'maxfiles' parameter and set it to 2
  4. Run net start mms or use the Services snap-in to start Acronis Managed Machine Service.
  5. You may also remove the existing files dml_core.*.log.gz to free up drive space