64747: Acronis Cyber Protection: comparison of editions

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Last update: Thu, 2021-04-01 19:33

Acronis Cyber Protection represents an all-in-one cyber protection solution that integrates backup and recovery, disaster recovery, malware prevention, security controls, remote assistance, monitoring, and reporting.

Starting from C21.03, Acronis Cyber Cloud offers core cyber protection functionality for free, and other features will be part of different advanced packs that can be added to the product in any combination, providing more options for customized cyber protection by mixing and matching the packs. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and all advanced packs are licensed on both a per-GB and a per-workload model.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud includes security and management features at no cost. Backup, disaster recovery, file sync and share, and notarization and e-signature are included as pay-as-you-go features. Please check the table below for more detailed information. 

Feature Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Security #CyberFit Score Included
Vulnerability assessment Included
Anti-ransomware protection: Acronis Active Protection Included
Antivirus and Antimalware protection: Cloud signature-based file detection  Included
Antivirus and Antimalware protection: Pre-execution AI-based file analyzer, behavior-based Cyber Engine Included
Cyber protection management Group management of devices Included
Centralized plan management Included
Dashboards and reports Included
Remote desktop and remote assistance Included
Hardware inventory Included
Data loss prevention Device control Included
Backup Workstations, Servers (Windows, Linux, Mac) backup Pay-as-you-go
Virtual machine backup Pay-as-you-go
File backup Pay-as-you-go
Image backup Pay-as-you-go
Standard applications backup (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL) Pay-as-you-go
Network shares backup Pay-as-you-go
Backup to local storage Pay-as-you-go
Backup to cloud storage Pay-as-you-go
Disaster recovery Test failover in isolated network environment* Pay-as-you-go
Cloud-only VPN Connection Pay-as-you-go
File sync and share File sync and share functionality Pay-as-you-go
Notary Notarization and e-signature  Pay-as-you-go

If additional protection is needed, Advanced packs can be added to enable enhanced functionality.

Workloads can be protected by one, multiple, or all advanced packs in both the per-GB and per-workload licensing models.

Advanced Backup Advanced Disaster Recovery Advanced Security Advanced Management
Advanced backup and recovery features World-class disaster recovery features Next-generation cybersecurity features Advanced protection management pack for greater control
  • Continuous data protection 
  • Backup support for Microsoft SQL Server Clusters, Microsoft Exchange Clusters, Oracle DB, SAP HANA
  • Data protection map and compliance reporting 
  • Scheduled backup reports 
  • Production and test failover to Acronis Cloud
  • Runbooks: disaster recovery orchestration
  • VPN-less deployment option
  • IPsec Multisite VPN support, L2 site-to-site open VPN
  • Multiple templates
  • Custom DNS configuration
  • URL filtering
  • Exploit prevention
  • Enhanced signature-based detection
  • Anti-malware scans of data in the Acronis Cloud: Offload client endpoints to enable more aggressive scans and ensure malware-free backups
  • Forensics data in backups 
  • Smart protect plans
  • Automatic allowlisting
  • Safe recovery: AV definition updates and anti-malware scans as part of recovery process to prevent threat recurrence
  • Remote device wipe
  • Windows anti-malware management
  • Automated patch management
  • Software inventory collection
  • Drive health monitor
  • Fail-safe patching
  • Report scheduling