68561: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: "Failed to load the protection plan" error when editing a plan applied to multiple resources

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Last update: 29-04-2021


You have a backup plan that is applied to multiple resources (300+).

When you try to edit this plan, the Cyber Protection Console becomes unresponsive for about a minute, and then you see this error:

Failed to load the protection plan.
The protection plan cannot be loaded now. Please try again later.


Issue in the product.


If you need to edit general plan settings (what to back up, where to back up, backup options, schedule), find one device in the All Devices list to which the plan is applied, and edit it from there. The changes will be applied for all devices to which the plan was previously applied.

Group plans have to be edited from the group’s settings (group plans cannot be edited from the All devices list): Machines with Agents -> select the group -> click Protect group -> select the affected plan and click Edit.

If you need to change the list of devices to which the plan is applied:

  • If the plan is applied to a static or dynamic group – modify the group settings to exclude said device(s).
  • If the plan is applied to multiple machines without using Group, revoke the plan from the devices on the All Devices tab.

If the issue persists for environments with less than 100 machines, please contact the support team.