39465: Does Acronis Files Connect support Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista?

Last update: 30-04-2021


Does Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) support Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista?


With the removal of Services for Macintosh from Windows Server 2008, Group Logic recognizes the need of customers for a supported, compatible AFP server solution on the Windows platform.

Acronis Files Connect 5.3 or later has been certified for use on Windows Server 2008.

Support for Windows Server 2008 clusters was added in Acronis Files Connect 6.0 and later.

As you consider the options and alternatives for a solution as replacement for SFM, you should consider Acronis Files Connect. The product is an ideal replacement for Services for Macintosh as it replaces nearly ever feature of SFM, Print Services for Macintosh and AppleTalk for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. Acronis Files Connect offers many additional features and innovations added by Apple and Group Logic as the Apple Filing Protocol has evolved from the original AppleShare to the modern AFP v3.2 functionality of Mac OS X Leopard. Please refer to the comparison chart. For a review of the possible solutions to consider as you research your plan replace SFM, please review the whitepaper The End of Services For Mac SFM Evaluating Your Replacement Options Dec 2008.