The most possible cause is that Acronis Group Server cannot connect to the machine with Acronis True Image Agent to retrieve the status

Manually start Acronis Agent, check Firewall settings, try disabling SSL encryption

Synchronization runs every 30 minutes, this is why the "Power state" status may show non-actual information about a virtual machine being online or offline

Client machines cannot boot Acronis PXE Server if it is running on the same machine with Broadcom ASF IP Monitor (AsfIpMon.exe)

There are no issues with having the Acronis Management Consoles from both products on the same machine or in the same network

Create a public folder in Microsoft Exchange Server to fix the issue

Remove the grayed out machines from Acronis Management Server and then add them back to solve the issue

Use the ICompGS tool delivered with Acronis Group Server

Disable automatic scanning of MAC addresses to work around the issue

Start the Acronis Managed Machine service manually to solve the issue



  1. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 のコンポーネントをインストールします。
  2. インストール中に、Windows の警告バルーンがポップアップ表示されます。



After installation of Acronis True Image Home 2009 USB card reader drives disappear both from My Computer and Disk Management

You can export the computer names and the Acronis Agent build numbers into a text file using a script

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server Virtual Edition では、ホストレベルで Microsoft Hyper-V および VMware ESX/ESXi がサポートされています


Delete the Acronis Managed Machine Service (MMS) logs and Acronis Agent backup policies to resolve the issue

Acronis Managed Machine サービスを実行しているユーザーアカウントに、 ファイルとディレクトリのバックアップ およびファイルとディレクトリの復元の権限が割り当てられていません。


Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server Virtual Edition supports Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi on the host level

Disable or update Bytemobile software on the machine to eliminate the issue. Also attempt to fix your LSP Layer or reset your winsock cache.

MS Virtual PC cannot boot from a .vhd disk larger than 127 GB


The user account, under which Acronis Managed Machine Service is running, has no Back up files and directories and Restore files and directories privileges

コンピュータ全体のバックアップは、データを保護する最も包括的な方法です。どのデータを保護するか迷う場合、このオプションを使うことを推奨します。「PC全体」というバックアップのタイプを選択すると、Acronis True Imageはすべての内臓ハードドライブをディスクモードでバックアップします。バックアップには、オペレーティングシステム、インストールされたプログラム、システム設定、およびすべての個人データ(写真、ドキュメント、音楽など)が含まれます。


ビデオ ガイド

Backing up the entire machine is the most complete way to protect your data. We recommend that you choose this option when you are not sure which data that you need to protect. When you select Entire PC as a backup type, Acronis True Image backs up all your internal hard drives in disk mode. The backup contains the operating system, installed programs, system settings, and all your personal data including your photos, music, and documents.

Video guide

Reactivating your copy of Acronis True Image 2014 or moving the installation to a different machine

Adding a machine to the Acronis Management Server fails with "The machine has already been registered". However the machine is not in the Acronis Management Server

Cloned machines have the same ID. Change the instance ID in Windows Registry to fix the issue