While Restoring LVM volume created with Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 in Sector-by-Sector mode ask for reboot before restore is finished


  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Backup Service


この記事では、Acronis True Imageを使用してWindowsを起動エラーからリカバリする方法について説明します。

この記事は、システムがデスクトップ画面を開くことができず、Acronis True Imageを正常に起動できない状態にまでダメージを受けている場合にのみ使用してください。動作中のWindows上でAcronis True Imageを使用できる場合は、こちらの記事(英語)の手順に従ってください。


1. Acronisブータブルメディア: Acronisソフトウェアがインストールされたブート可能なUSBサムドライブ、CD、またはDVD。入手方法については、こちら(英語)をクリックしてください。


  1. You have a backup stored in Acronis Cloud.
  2. When you click the Reconfigure, Recovery buttons or try to perform any other operation with the backup, a notification message appears, saying "An error occurred either during connection or on the server. Check your Internet connection, or try to sign out, restart the program and sign in again"



  1. You have a Nonstop backup.
  2. You want to recover some file(s) from that backup.
  3. While browsing backup contents in Acronis True Image's window under Recovery tab, you notice that one or more files are missing.


Known issue with Nonstop backup browser in Acronis True Image's window. Use one of the methods described below to retrieve the needed file(s) from the Nonstop backup.


The issue will be fixed in one of the future versions of the software.


  1. You created a backup of a VMware VM using Acronis Cyber Protect 12.5 Virtual appliance.
  2. You recover the backed up VM to the same host with Acronis Cyber Protect 15.
  3. When you boot the VM, it is not possible to change the boot order. The message is:
    All items on this menu cannot be modified in user mode. If any items require change, please consult your systems Supervisor.


This article instructs how to use Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) to recover Windows from a boot failure.

Use the present article only if the system is damaged to a state when you can't get to the Desktop screen and launch Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office normally. If you are able to access the program within running Windows, please follow instructions from that article instead.