Setting up Quotas and Time Limits for Backup Locations, Administrator and User Profiles

You can set consolidation to run automatically in Acronis Backup Server to comply with the quotas and time limits set for each profile

You can recover files or folders of the partition protected with Acronis Nonstop Backup

Deploy Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi to each host instead of deploying one to the cluster

This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) issue. The validation task is actually running

Make sure that ActiveX is enabled in your default browser

Acronis エージェント for ESX/ESXi をクラスタに配置するのではなく各ホストに配置します


  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server Virtual Edition: Acronis エージェント for ESX/ESXi(仮想アプライアンス)


クラスタ内にあるすべての仮想マシンを単一の Acronis エージェント for ESX/ESXi(仮想アプライアンス)でバックアップすると、非常に時間がかかることがあります。短時間でバックアップを実行する必要がある際には、次の回避策を実行してください。

By default, Acronis True Image sets the current date and time for the restored files. You need to change an option in additional settings to preserve the original date and time

Acronis True Image は、デフォルト(既定値)で、復元したファイルに現在の日付と時刻を設定します。元の日付と時刻を保持するには、その他の設定オプションを変更する必要があります。


When restoring files or folders from a disk or partition backup with the "Set current date and time for restored files" option unchecked, Acronis True Image sets the current date to some of the restored folders

Time-limited serial numbers were provided instead of the full ones

デフォルトのブラウザで ActiveX を有効にしてください


Hidden files or folders are not displayed in Time Explorer if Windows Folder options are set not to show hidden files, folders, and drives

When creating an image from Acronis Bootable Media the Created Time of the backup archive is GMT

Acronis ブータブルメディアからイメージを作成すると、バックアップアーカイブの [作成時刻] が GMT(グリニッジ標準時)で表示されます。


Date and time format displayed in operating system and in Acronis True Image may be different.

Operating system displays date and time according to date and time format in regional settings:

Acronis True Image displays date and time format according to settings that are configured in the operating system for the region that is associated with language selected in Acronis True Image.


Backup works and backup activities appear in the activities list. Archives were created in the target location (you can check them using Backups page in Management console or by browsing the target folder using any file browser).

But you receive alerts "Backup did not start" or you see that date and time of backup creation does not match the backup plan settings.