The task that you are trying to run was created under a different account and you do not have enough privileges to run it

Make the Acronis Managed Machine Service run under the correct user account. Check that the network share is accessible

The fix is available in the latest released build of the product (Build 11345 or higher)

You need to provide Windows credentials with administrator or at least backup operator rights to let Acronis True Image start a scheduled task

The user account, under which Acronis Managed Machine Service is running, has no Back up files and directories and Restore files and directories privileges

Do not run Acronis Managed Machine Service under Local System account: this account does not have permissions for network access


  1. You are trying to create a backup of Machine A in a shared network folder created on Machine B
  2. The Acronis Managed Machine Service Account (A\Username) of Machine A, and the login information of the network folder (B\Username) use the same user name, but have different passwords.

    In this case the Managed Machine Service account A\Username may become locked out in some cases.

If you use the subscription-based version of Acronis True Image, you can manage the licenses manually at the Acronis website.

1. Go to, and then sign in with your Acronis account.

2. In the Products section, find Acronis True Image Essential, Premium or Advanced, and then click Manage:


Application-aware backup of SQL databases finishes with the following warning:

Cannot get the file list of Microsoft SQL database '...'. 

You run a backup of Microsoft Office 365 mailbox and/or OneDrive with Acronis True Image 2019/2020
Backup fails with the following error:

Cannot back up this mailbox because the login for the account to which the mailbox belongs is also used for another Microsoft account

1. Backup to Cloud fails with error code 0x01900009+0x01900001 and the following message

An error occured either during connection or on the server. Check your Internet connection, or try to sign out, restart the program and sign in again.

2. Backup log at C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Logs\ti_demon contains the text "Failed to get the account information from database"

How to subscribe to or unsubscribe from Acronis Newsletters or E-mail offers

You have entered an incorrect E-mail or password. Please ensure that you type in a correct E-mail and password for your Acronis account

You start Acronis True Image and provide credentials to your Acronis account.

Signing in fails with this error:

An error occurred while signing in. Please try again later.

When working for a company, you may want to have more than one employee to access the data in your Acronis account. In this situation, you can use a generic e-mail address or a distribution list of the company.


Acronis Cyber Protect appliance is a VMware virtual machine with installed CentOS and Acronis Cyber Protect components:

  • Acronis Management Server
  • Acronis Agent for Linux
  • Acronis Agent for VMware (Linux)

This article describes how to add another local user account that is going to be used to access Acronis console.

How to add an account

Acronis Cyber Protect appliance uses CentOS operating system. In order to add a new account, it should be created first:


You have Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Essentials subscription.

After you've logged in to your account in Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office software, a red dot appears at the Account tab on the left, although no errors are shown:


  • Management Server activation fails with the following error:

    Login to this Acronis account failed. Verify that this account exists and your credentials are correct

We recommend you to create an account on Acronis website right when starting to use our products. If having an account you can easily:

What is Acronis account and how to create one

Acronis account is your tool to view and manage your Acronis products, upgrades and updates, support programs and support requests. This is the place where you can keep and retrieve serial numbers, download installation files and bootable rescue media, review release notes and product documentation, receive technical help, and get access to special offers from Acronis as well as notifications about new product releases.

You have licenses of Acronis products registered in your account at Acronis website. You want to move some or all of these licenses to another account (associated with another email).

First, check whether your license is a perpetual license or a subscription. How to check whether your license is perpetual or subscription

"Support Requests" is an Acronis account section, where you can browse and review all your cases

How to change the registration e-mail on Acronis website

You want to log in to your Acronis account at, but you have forgotten your password. This article explains how to reset the forgotten password and specify a new password for your account.

Do the following:

How to change password for your account on Acronis website