Acronis Cyber Cloud

What is Acronis Cyber Exceed?

It's a Beta program that allows you to access Acronis services before anyone else and share your experience with Acronis RnD Team directly.
It gives you the power to influence how the product will look before the official release and it gives Acronis the opportunity to provide a better experience for all users.

How to take part in Beta program?

This article describes how you can use API (version 1) for the activation purpose in case you need to activate an account and the link received in email does not work.

1. Log in to your account to find out your data center address:

If one of the Acronis components randomly crashes during any operation, please enable the automatic dump creation on this machine for troubleshooting purposes. 

To enable automatic dump creation, follow these steps:


You have installed the WHM/cPanel plugin for Acronis Cyber Cloud, and it fails to load with "Internal server error" (when you click on the plugin icon to open the plugin, it redirects to a white page with no data)


When checking the logs in /usr/local/cpanel/log/error_log you see the following error:

Acronis Managed Machine Service is the main service. It can run under a dedicated account or under an account, you specify during installation. Either account is given privileges that are needed for the service to work. The privileges include a set of user rights, membership in security groups, and the Full Control permissions on respective registry keys in the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis.