The location list (but not exact addresses) of the datacenters is available in Acronis Backup to Cloud: Initial Seeding and Large Scale Recovery Country Availability.

To find out the exact address of where you need to ship you Initial Seeding backup, please visit your Acronis Online Backup for Business page.


How can I set mobilEcho and activEcho to listen on the same port on one computer?


If activEcho and mobilEcho are installed on one computer, they can both listen on the same port (e.g. 443) only if they are bound to different IP addresses (multi-homing). Follow the steps below:

Within troubleshooting of issues related to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure an Acronis support representative might request you to provide us with remote access to the storage.

In this case, we will ask you to whitelist Acronis IP addresses to allow remote access for SSH/RDP/VPN.

Unless specified otherwise by support representative, whitelist these IP addresses: