To let Acronis products operate properly in the network, you need to open specific ports in Firewall settings.

Activity (refreshing location, deleting archives, etc.) finishes with error:

Failed to connect to the Agent Core service on this machine


You have successfully installed an Acronis Backup Agent, but registration failed and machine does not appear in Cyber Protection console.

Or you need to re-register a client machine to another Backup Account.


Use this method to manually register a Backup Agent.

Note that account name and password used in the commands are for backup user account, not for Partner-level admin

Use quotation marks, if your password contains special characters or spaces.


After updating to Agent build 26473, the backup fails with the following error:

HTTP error: 0 on 'api/2/clients/NNN' failed with code: 404, response: {"domain":"AGENT_CORE","code":"NOT_FOUND","debug":{"msg":"proxy: unknown route /api/2/NNN"}}


  1. Acronis Management Server is installed on a 64-bit machine
  2. When you attempt to add a device with 32-bit architecture, the installation fails with the following error:

     Installation process failed. {"Result":"Failed", "Code":"24510491", "Description":"Failed to download installation file 'resource.xml' from the server."}

Agent(s) appear offline in the protection console. MMS service is running on the machine and there are no connection issues.

Even when the agent is shown as offline, backups run correctly.

Table of trial limitations of Acronis products