There are cases when Acronis Disk Director may require you to reboot the machine to perform an operation

What file systems are supported by Acronis Migrate Easy

Acronis Migrate Easy supports disks of any size

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 works with disks of any size

This article describes the procedure of adding a converted VMDK virtual disk to a VMware virtual machine

Default settings for transferring partitions from an old hard disk drive to a new larger hard disk drive in the automatic transfer mode of Acronis Migrate Easy

The Total Progress bar start from 50% and progresses to 100%

Two or more disks that make a dynamic volume show the size of the volume itself in Acronis Disk Director Lite

The way data integrity is handled during data transfer to a new hard disk drive

Acronis True Image Echo has the capability to convert a disk/partition image (.tib) to a virtual disk file of the type you select (.vmdk, .vhd, .hdd).

How to create a Windows XP Boot Disk

When trying to mount an image of over 2 TB in size, Acronis True Image errors out with "Cannot assign a drive letter"

After applying Try&Decide changes reboot the computer before creating Acronis Secure Zone with allocating space for it from system partition

Start TimounterMonitor.exe, and mount the image again

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 for Linux displays Windows partition letters instead of the proper Linux device names

On an attempt to do a partition backup Acronis product calls xfs_freeze to snapshot the XFS partition

Acronis True Image Rescue Media changes SAN signatures of disks, which prevents Microsoft Cluster Service from starting

The Acronis True Image Echo products work both with Linux and Windows file systems

Windows 7 support has been implemented in Acronis Disk Director 11 Home

Description of the disk backup options

Acronis Disk Director supports most of Windows and Linux file systems

Mounting and unmounting backup archives

Acronis Plus Pack is a separate add-on for Acronis True Image Home 2010 that has Acronis Universal Restore, Acronis WinPE ISO Builder and supports dynamic/GPT disks