The issue relates to different profiles and permissions attributes in Windows

How to rectify the situation if Acronis OS Selector's BOOTWIZ folder has been deleted

Disable Web contents in Folder Options to resolve the issue

Restore of a mailbox or folder errors out due to insufficient free space even though there is enough free space on the server hard disks

Backup of files or folders may hang in Linux

To save to and restore from shared folders, you need to make sure that special permissions are set

At least 4 parallel connections should be allowed to a network share to let Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced save a backup archive to the network share

Create a public folder in Microsoft Exchange Server to fix the issue

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 for Linux displays Windows partition letters instead of the proper Linux device names

A backup archive that contains no partition, but only has files and folders, cannot be mounted

Moves/renames files

Creates a directory

Lists directory contents

Runs command with root directory set to newroot.

Prints the full filename of the current working directory

Backing up files or folders

You can select the Files and folders option of the Acronis True Image Backup Wizard to create an image of data stored on a USB flash drive

Try solving the issue by increasing the IRPStackSize value

When restoring files or folders from a disk or partition backup with the "Set current date and time for restored files" option unchecked, Acronis True Image sets the current date to some of the restored folders

Restoring specific files and folders from a disk backup

Virtual Appliance does not support restore of files from a disk backup. If you need to restore files from a disk backup, please use Acronis Agent

There is an unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook installed on the machine that crashes the application

Acronis True Image backs up the whole hard disk drives or partitions, but errors out on file backup when there is a massive amount of files

You can scan disk or partitions, files or folders before backing them up