Plug in the external device that has the backup or remove the backup from the list. Or change the drive letter of external disk back to the original one

Make sure the external device (e.g. USB disk) is plugged in and working

Readd the backup and recreate the backup settings to fix the issue


  1. You have a Nonstop backup.
  2. You want to recover some file(s) from that backup.
  3. While browsing backup contents in Acronis True Image's window under Recovery tab, you notice that one or more files are missing.


Known issue with Nonstop backup browser in Acronis True Image's window. Use one of the methods described below to retrieve the needed file(s) from the Nonstop backup.


The issue will be fixed in one of the future versions of the software.


You have changed the name of a Microsoft 365 resource (email, SPO site, etc) that is protected by C2C backup in Acronis Cyber Protect.

After that, you notice that a new full backup is created for this resource.


Starting with C21.07, a new full backup is created if the name of a Microsoft 365 resource has changed (even if only the case has been modified).

At the same time, the old archive that uses the old name remains on storage. You can delete it manually if needed.